Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Test 1 Study Guide

Morality Study Guide – Unit 1

Spectrum of Truth: Relativism vs. Absolutism
Jesus is the Source and Model of Truth for Christians
Know the main points from the Sermon on the Mount
a. focus on the Spirit rather than the Letter of the Law
b. Beatitudes
c. Teaching on prayer, fasting, almsgiving, judging, wealth, and dependence on God
Ecclesiology – the study of the nature, mission, and efforts of the Church
Ekklesia – assembly, people called by God
Mission – to bring about the kingdom of God (where His will is obeyed)
Method – preaching, prayer, & service
The Church stands as a vehicle for communicating Christ’s Moral Authority to mankind. This task is entrusted to the Magisterium – the teaching authority of the Church which resides in the bishops, preeminently in the bishop of Rome, the Pope.
The Magisterium communicates its moral authority through a number of sources:
a. Scripture (recall that it was the Magisterium that determined which books were par of the Canon of Sacred Scripture.
b. Catechism – a book of Catholic Doctrine. The Universal Catechism is the most comprehensive and most recent
c. Apostolic (Papal) writings
1. Apostolic Constitutions (most “weighty”)
2. Encyclicals and other decrees
d. Ecclesial Documents – writings from Vatican “departments”, national bishops’ conferences, and individual bishops.

Natural Law & its implications

Precepts of the Church

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