Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jesus Christ, Source & Model of Christian Morality

Chapter 2 in your text examines the public ministry of Christ as the source of our moral authority. A few noteworthy nuggets:
a. Christology - the study of the nature(s) of Christ.
b. Doctrine of the Incarnation - The Church teaching that God became man in the person of Jesus Christ. He possesses both divine and human nature simultaneously.
c. Jesus became man so that we might have a share in the divine nature.
d. He accomplished the salvation / redemption of mankind through his sacrifice on the cross and subsequent resurrection, collectively known as the Paschal Mystery.
e. Prior to the Paschal Mystery, Christ spent approximately three years publicly preaching, healing, and performing miracles.
d. The quintessential preaching of Christ is that found in the Sermon on the Mount (or "on the plain" in Luke's Gospel). The Powerpoint notes on this sermon will be posted on Weblocker.
e. Christ's moral teaching is encapsulated in the "Greatest Commandment", to Love God above all else and to Love one's neighbor as one's self. (Christian Morality stands in contrast to Jewish morality at the time of Christ which was highly rigid and legalistic.)

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Ad Jesum per Mariam.
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