Friday, May 2, 2008

An Intro to Theology of the Body

by scholar Christopher West

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Josh said...

Mr. Basso...I was just debating something in my head and thought I would post it before I forgot what I was thinking...

The Antichrist: I hope this way of thinking does not appear heretical, because it is not intended as such, and I do not know how much you have thought about the above topic, but here goes.

I believe that the Antichrist might be a pope--now I know what you are thinking, but hear me out.

If we relate the pope to Jesus, this could prove very true. Just as Jesus led the people when He was on Earth, the pope does the same for us. So, since Jesus left, so that we could be tested and prove our faith, I feel that the good popes will eventually end, and we will have a fake pope. What I have read about the antichrist is that he will be wise and no one will be able to see through his lies. I feel that a pope would be so believable that it would be ideal for Satan to select a pope as the antichrist. For the pope is renowned and powerful so to speak, which is what the Antichrist will need to do his evil mission...I would just like to know what you think, if this is crazy, or maybe it might be worth looking into. Thanks,