Sunday, January 6, 2008


From the Modern Catholic Dictionary:
A theory of knowledge. A branch of scholastic philosophy that studies the principles underlying the acquisition of knowledge, the methods of logical reasoning, and the critical evaluation of truth, certitude, and right thinking. (Etym. Greek epist_m_, knowledge + logia, science, knowledge.)

This semester is a study of Catholic Moral Tradition, and morality is essentially distinguishing good from evil, right from wrong.

The question must be asked, "how do we know what is right or wrong?" Are these terms static and unchanging - absolute, if you will? Or are right and wrong dynamic, flexible, even relative to the person or the situation?

We will explore the Church's response to these questions at lenght, but first we return our attention to the question of epistemology: What is Truth? How do we know what is True? What characterizes Truth?

For the Church's response we turn to our standard sources: Sacred Scripture & the Catechism.

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